Welcome, Game Developers are gathering together.

As ÜNOG Game Developer Community, which brings professional, independent and even student game developers together, we encourage to share experience and knowledge.

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Drawing:  Fatma Alsh

What You Can Get?

Sharing Know-how

Experience is our privilege. The only way to increase the quality of your work is to interpret your troubles on that work correctly. As a participant in our community, we offer the same work experience, but with less suffering.


A wide network may open you the doors you never expected. A team or a teammate to work with, a professional to guide you or a key name to lead you to the right person... If your circle is not very wide, your chances of being successful could be a lot less than your rivals'


Your biggest enemy is not knowing what you don’t know. Thanks to the posts on ÜNOG, you may follow the most recent news in game industry and learn about some tips that will help you speed up your work


You’re not alone. Turkish game industry is growing. Young independent developers from ÜNOG are making a name for themselves with successful projects. With our posts, we aim to boost your motivation and make you believe that you are capable of success.


What is our purpose?

“ÜNOG Game Developer Community is an organization that includes producers who develop games and believe that sharing information is valuable. We act with the mission of finding creative solutions to the problems faced by the industry and making positive impacts on the game development industry by working together. We believe that as independent developers we can make the games we create fun by remaining passionately committed to our craft; We value all other producers who share this passion.

As volunteers, we organize the conferences, game jams and meet-ups, creating contents and writing articles, which are non-profit, based on this vision.”

ÜNOG Volunteers



It is very exciting that the producers come together here and share their experiences with other developers.

Hakan Baş

Founder & CEO - Ace Games

ÜNOG is one of the most active communities that discuss the most recent subjects in game development field.

Ümit Singil

Lead 3D Artist - Taleworlds Entertainment
Fasih Sayın Portrait

Fasih Sayın

Lead Narrative Designer - Logic Artists

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